Commercial Lines Account Manager

Commercial Lines Account Manager

The James Allen Companies Inc.

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Position Summary:
Assists in the production of new accounts and the retention of existing accounts. Provides
prompt, efficient, high-quality service to designated accounts in support of agency activities.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Responsible for gathering the information and risk management recommendations for the
renewal of commercial lines accounts.

  1. Maintains a concern for timeliness and completeness when interacting with customers,
    agency and company personnel to minimize potential for errors & omissions claims.

  2. Reviews renewals to determine if non-standard policies can be rewritten in a standard
    program. Prepares rewrite applications for business through companies no longer
    represented. Secures and submits required renewal underwriting information.

  3. Receives phone calls and office visitors requesting quotes, changes to existing coverage
    and/or new policies. Completes changes/requests within 24 hours of receipt. Determines
    acceptability and placement, completes applications or endorsement, and collects premium
    when applicable.

  4. Receives and reviews all terminations and cancellations to determine action to be taken, and
    takes needed action within 72 hours of receipt.

  5. Solicits expiration dates for policies not written by agency.

  6. Documents all material conversations with insureds and/or carriers regarding exposures and

8.Review applications, renewal requests, and endorsements for compliance with underwriting authority and guidelines.

9.Prepare premium notes, questionnaires, and/or any vital documents required by the various companies.

  1. Negotiate with underwriters and communicates and obtains requirements to/from producers.

  2. Upon the sale of an account/policy, issue invoice, binders, premium finance notes, auto ID cards and generally do “whatever it takes” to finish up the sale of the account/policy. This includes obtaining forms or items required by carriers from the producer and/or insured.

  3. Performs other functions as assigned by management.

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