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As more aging Baby Boomers retire, the insurance industry faces a harsh reality: the shortage of skilled talent. With the demand for a broader source of people to fill insurance positions and for increased specialization expertise, there’s a growing need to identify and access the right employees with the skills and education to help move your business forward.

The James Allen Companies understands the complexities you face in finding the right candidates, who will have a unique blend of qualifications and experience to benefit your organization. Our expertise in interviewing, screening and matching skill-sets, combined with a wide array of recruitment strategies and system technologies, delivers top caliber individuals who will be the right fit

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While it’s difficult to quantify precisely, many senior members of the insurance industry workforce will leave in the next five to ten years. They will be (partially) replaced by a much smaller number of seasoned middle managers. This, in turn, will create a vacuum for middle managers in many firms. This author has estimated that total turnover in the insurance industry could exceed 50 percent in the next five to ten years.

Paraphrased from Insurance: The War For Talent by Larry Pistell, Senior Associate Director of Corporate and Industry Relations at the Center for Professional Education at St. John’s University’s School of Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science(SRM).

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The James Allen Companies provides diverse options for targeting the ideal fit for your various recruitment challenges. These include:

Executive Search

Advanced search technology gives you the upper hand in recruiting executive, senior-level or middle-management talent including C-level, Vice President, Director and other senior manager professionals.

Key Hire Search

We target non-executive, specialized or hard-to-fill positions through non-traditional, proprietary custom search strategies to recruit key talent.

Temporary Staffing

We provide temporary staffing solutions for last-minute emergency coverage or department staff supplementation to support peak production or expansion efforts. Candidates are based on a thorough evaluation of skills, attributes and overall ability to meet the demands of the position.

Temp to Full Time

To evaluate how a candidate performs before offering employment we custom recruit, screen and place your next quality employee from temporary to hire. Once they reach the required hours, you can hire your new employee at no additional cost — and no conversion fee at the time of hire.

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