Keep Being Amazing

Keep Being Amazing

Amy Simpson | November 5, 2019

Last week, we talked about the insurance industry offering lifetime careers with limitless opportunities to grow and expand ones’ career. I truly believe that is the case and can testify that I have personally helped hundreds of candidates enhance their careers and the lives of their families in this very industry.

We recently posed a question on social media asking why people think the insurance industry is a great place to be. Many of the answers had a common thread: I get to help people, I provide a service that matters to people, I give people peace of mind, I help others solve issues. 

You get the point. 

The answers we received had as much to do with the people in the industry as it does the industry itself and that is why we need AMAZING people—to keep insurance AMAZING

It does not matter if you are a claims adjuster, an underwriter, an actuary, a loss control professional or a data scientist. All of these professions have the same goal in mind. You are working to ensure that people just like you have the protection they need to keep their home, their family, their businesses and prized possessions safe. What an honor it is to be a part of something so important!

We, the people already working in the insurance industry, need to spread this good news to our friends and our children so they too can understand the opportunity and the reward that is available. Like Jeff said last week, not many people end up in insurance on purpose, but what if they did? What if they knew about the different career paths, the ability to make a difference, the income potential and the flexibility? Those of us who already know what a career in insurance can offer owe it to them to let them know. 

The James Allen Companies has been helping the insurance industry recruit and retain these amazing people for more than 16 years and we plan on doing it for the next 100. So, from our family to yours, keep growing, keep striving and keep being amazing. If you need some direction or help finding your next amazing employee, give us a call today.

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Amy Simpson
Amy has more than a decade of experience successfully recruiting experienced insurance professionals. Her extensive expertise and network of contacts has allowed her to place highly skilled and nearly impossible to find candidates in underwriting, claims, loss control, sales, premium audit, marketing, human resources, IT and beyond. She loves the challenge of looking for someone who seems impossible to find. Amy is committed to exceeding her clients’ expectations and enjoys helping people to enhance their careers. Amy has two young children, Noah and Jonah, with her husband Marc. They love to travel and look forward to planning their next visit to Disney World.
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