Are you open to exploring new opportunities in 2023?

new opportunities

Deciding to look for a new job isn’t always an easy one. Everyone needs a little guidance here and there—especially when it comes to important career decisions. If you’re asking yourself if you are open to exploring new opportunities in 2023, you’re not alone. According to a report from Monster, 96 percent of workers are…

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Quiet Quitting and what you can do about it

quiet quitting

Quiet quitting has taken the corporate world by storm. Around 50 percent of the U.S. workforce is made up of quiet quitters, according to research from Gallup. For those unfamiliar with this term, quiet quitting is a newly coined idea that describes millions of people who are just meeting the requirements of their job descriptions…

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A Recruiter’s Tale of Job-Hopping


Job-hopping. It is all over LinkedIn as of late, along with quiet quitting and other notable employment trends. If you are considering whether it is time for a career move, consider whether job-hopping will benefit you in the long run. Chasing after professional development is great, but think how job-hopping could make you unattractive to…

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Stop Sabotaging Your Career

stop sabotaging your career

I have some advice for all professionals within the insurance industry. Stop sabotaging your career. The reality of self-sabotage stems from the choices you make that interfere with your goals. Whether conscious or unconscious, they are still your choices, which means you can stop making them. You’re getting in your way. When you start to…

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7 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive

How to make a better linkedin profile

LinkedIn is practically a playground for recruiters. If you’re not using LinkedIn for your job search, you’re missing out on its benefits—like being able to research companies, build your brand, connect with recruiters and see job postings—all for free. As a recruiter, take my word when I say your LinkedIn account holds weight, and whether…

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Attract top talent with five job description tips

attract top talent with five description time team members helping each other out

We, recruiters, have seen our fair share of job descriptions, and we know how difficult it is to write one.  There is no better way to waste time than with a horrible job description. The sheer implications of a poorly written job description can have many consequences, such as attracting a bad hire, wasting time…

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How to write a resume that will get you hired

write a resume that will get you hired

You might be wondering why we’re churning out yet another “writing a resume” blog, especially when there are already countless resources and tips at your disposal. While that’s true, writing a resume that will get you hired isn’t easy—trends and ATS technology are constantly changing. Part of a recruiter’s job is screening countless resumes to…

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Managing the talent shortage in 2022: Experience-driven suggestion

Successfully managing the talent shortage in 2022: Experience-driven suggestion

No business wants to experience a talent shortage. Our most vital resource is people—the intellectual property they offer, the culture they help us build and the productive industries and communities they push forward into the future.  As we look into that future, I feel it pertinent to first look inward to make sure our current…

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Questions to ask during an interview: The things you should know

Questions to ask during an interview: The things you should know

The very first blog The James Allen Companies posted on August 24, 2015, was about the questions to ask during an interview. Today, we are revisiting the topic, to expand that list of inquiries toward a line of questioning that emphasizes conscientiousness and professional development. Questions to ask during an interview … continued What will…

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Encouraging engagement: Building a better workplace

Encouraging engagement: Creating attractive places for brave people to work

Failing to encourage employee engagement might be the single most unfortunate misstep any business owner can take.   Not hiring free-thinking, brave and self-driven professionals would be a close second. Have you ever worked for a company, agency or firm where engagement seemed to be frowned upon, where leadership and management were practically feared? Was it…

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