Address your company's turnover rate head-on

Turnover Rate | The James Allen Companies

Let’s be real. The insurance industry isn’t immune to turnover concerns. Rates vary industry-wide, but it’s important to address your company’s turnover rate head-on. At The James Allen Companies, we want to help you take a proactive approach, and that includes recognizing troubling signs and looking for fixes. Looming concerns The job market is tightening…

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Motivate Your Team

Employee Motivation - The James Allen Companies

Employee motivation is incredibly important to team morale, but it’s not always apparent how to achieve it. Some companies put forward efforts such as adding game equipment or free snacks, but an air hockey table is not necessarily the most professional look for many insurance offices—and may become a distraction.  But employee motivation and increased…

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Creating a Company Mentor Program

company mentor program

The hiring process can take a lot of time and energy, but once the hire is made, the real work begins. Helping new employees become acclimated to their new work environment is crucial to their success. Even the best of self-starters need a chance to be introduced to their new career or they’ll start to…

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Where, Oh Where, Have the Candidates Gone?

losing candidates

Last week we addressed a disturbing trend that has taken the insurance industry by surprise. Ghosting, as it’s called, is what happens when candidates drop out of the hiring process without notice. However, instead of getting frustrated or ignoring the problem, insurance companies need to face it head-on by looking at the reasons why they’re…

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