The Aging Workforce: Why You Should Prepare for the Inevitable

aging workforce

As the baby boomer generation continues to retire, the American labor force is experiencing a shift toward an aging workforce. This demographic trend has significant implications for businesses, employees and the economy as a whole. While the tight labor market and high immigration flows may temporarily offset the effects of an aging population, it is…

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Maximize Your Hiring Potential: Tips for Insurance Hiring Managers

hiring managers

Building a successful team in insurance isn’t something that is tested by trial and error, and often, it’s up to hiring managers to spend endless hours picking apart resumes, LinkedIn profiles and countless back-to-back emails just to narrow down great potential hires. It’s time-consuming and expensive. As dedicated and experienced insurance recruiters, The James Allen…

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Why insurance recruiters are talking about hush trips

hush trips

Between all of the “greats” and “quiet quitting”, it’s hard to keep up with so many new and emerging trends in the workforce. And now, there’s a new trend. That’s right, we’re discussing “Hush Trips” today.   Insurance workers (and really, anyone with a remote job) are keeping mum about trips to fight against productivity concerns…

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Building an Effective Talent Retention and Recruiting for the Insurance Industry

Building an Effective Talent Retention and Recruiting for the Insurance Industry

The insurance and safety industries are continually trying to grow and evolve to meet the needs of a dynamic world. As new challenges arise, from technological innovations to regulatory adjustments, the need for experienced and dedicated professionals becomes even more vital. Yet, just as the industry is growing, so, too, is the competition for top…

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Mastering Remote Work Excellence: Insights for Insurance Companies

remote work for insurance companies

The rapid rise of remote work in recent years has revolutionized how companies operate across various sectors. The insurance industry, known for its adaptability, has embraced this trend to attract top talent and enhance operational efficiency. In this article, let’s delve deeper into the best practices insurance companies can adopt to excel in remote work…

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The Rise of the ‘Big Stay’ in the Insurance Industry

big stay

The insurance industry is entering a new era with the emergence of a fresh workplace trend known as the Big Stay. This trend is characterized by fewer employees quitting and fewer job openings, which has created a shift in several industries, insurance included.   With more people opting to stay with their current employers for longer,…

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The Pitfalls of Counteroffers: Why Employers Should Avoid Them


Counteroffers are a tempting option for employers when an employee gives notice of their intention to leave, and they are far from a good idea. From financial implications to employee morale, there are several pitfalls associated with counteroffers that make them more of a burden than a benefit.   In this blog post, we’ll discuss why…

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Recruiting and Retaining in a Candidate’s Market

Recruiting and Retaining in a Candidate's Market

The insurance industry is experiencing a redistribution of talent, an aging workforce and consistent disruption. Its vital insurance organizations are exploring their current talent strategies to successfully attract and retain those at the hearts of their organizations: claims professionals. Especially during catastrophe season, an engaged and agile claims team is key for effectively serving policyholders…

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Three Biggest Struggles of the Remote Worker — and How to Fix Them

struggles of the remote worker

For several years now, the idea of remote work has appealed to many companies and individuals alike, and in 2020, many of us were required to work from our homes whether we wanted to or not. However, it’s now 2023, and COVID-19 is officially no longer considered a public health emergency. Many have returned to…

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The Insurance Industry Talent Gap: A Recruiting Firm’s Perspective

Insurance Industry Talent Gap

The insurance industry is one of the cornerstones of the global economy, with countless businesses and individuals relying on it to protect their assets and mitigate risks. However, despite its significance, the industry faces a critical challenge—a lack of available and viable talent.   We in the insurance sector have witnessed firsthand the struggle to find…

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