A Fresh Look at Your Resume: 2024 Edition

resume refresh

Making sure your resume is up-to-date should be a priority task on your 2024 to-do list. Industry experts suggest professionals update their resumes once a year, even if they are not actively seeking a new role. As insurance recruiters, we advise professionals to refresh their resumes yearly. You never know when a new opportunity will…

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How to Confidently Discuss Weaknesses in Interviews


During job interviews, the commonly asked question, “What are your greatest strengths?” provides a chance to showcase your exceptional abilities and past accomplishments. However, the real challenge arises when interviewers ask about your weaknesses, which catches many off-guard.  The question “What are your greatest weaknesses?” can throw job seekers off their game, and understandably so.…

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Staying Motivated During the Job Search Despite Rejections

Job rejections can be a discouraging experience, especially in the competitive insurance industry where employers are always looking for top talent.

Job rejections can be a discouraging experience, especially in the competitive insurance industry where employers are always looking for top talent. Despite the industry’s demand for qualified professionals, it’s not uncommon to receive a string of job rejections while searching for your dream job. These rejections can leave you feeling demotivated and questioning your abilities,…

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Rage Applying: The New Corporate Trend Everyone’s Talking About

rage applying

The job market is competitive, and with more people than ever applying for the same positions, it can feel like a full-time job to stay ahead of the curve. Now, more and more job seekers are turning to a new strategy called rage applying—the act of submitting dozens of applications in a short period of…

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Insurance Job Hunters: Here’s what to expect in 2023

insurance job hunters

If you’re anything like me, you’re on LinkedIn practically every day. And nearly every day, there’s a new round of layoffs due to reckless over-hiring, most prominently in tech. While the insurance industry hasn’t seen layoffs like other industries, the key to succeeding in 2023 is to accept the uncertainty of the economy and take…

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Are you open to exploring new opportunities in 2023?

new opportunities

Deciding to look for a new job isn’t always an easy one. Everyone needs a little guidance here and there—especially when it comes to important career decisions. If you’re asking yourself if you are open to exploring new opportunities in 2023, you’re not alone. According to a report from Monster, 96 percent of workers are…

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A Recruiter’s Tale of Job-Hopping


Job-hopping. It is all over LinkedIn as of late, along with quiet quitting and other notable employment trends. If you are considering whether it is time for a career move, consider whether job-hopping will benefit you in the long run. Chasing after professional development is great, but think how job-hopping could make you unattractive to…

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Ghosting: How to be haunted by a bad reputation


Ghosting is a topic we’ve touched on before, but I think it’s time we revisit the issue for the sake of clients and candidates alike.  As recruiters, we see the practice at every stage of the hiring process, from employers in need of talent vital to the success of their business to candidates who have…

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7 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive

How to make a better linkedin profile

LinkedIn is practically a playground for recruiters. If you’re not using LinkedIn for your job search, you’re missing out on its benefits—like being able to research companies, build your brand, connect with recruiters and see job postings—all for free. As a recruiter, take my word when I say your LinkedIn account holds weight, and whether…

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How to stand out from other candidates: A few suggestions

How to stand out from other candidates: A few suggestions

What makes you stand out from other candidates? It is a question every professional looking to excel, who wants to maximize their career growth should ask themselves before every opportunity and every interview … and second interview.  The current hiring market is rich with opportunities for candidates of all types and experience levels, but that…

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