How AI is Helping Proactive Risk Management

proactive risk management insurance

The insurance industry is traditionally a reactive industry viewed as a necessary evil to most consumers. Consumers hope they never have to talk to their insurance company because it means they’re having a really bad day. In fact, 10 percent of consumers have never interacted with their insurance company because the only touchpoints insurers create…

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Don't Be a Fool, Don't Offer a Counteroffer


As a business manager, you will have a point in your career when an employee delivers you their resignation letter. Watching an employee leave your company is hard, especially if they’re a good one.  Resignations are inevitable and there are a lot of ways to handle the situation: argue with them, express your relief, give…

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Counteroffers are Fool's Gold


Searching for a new career can feel like participating in the Gold Rush. You’re out in the wilderness with hundreds of other prospectors with the same objective. It can take weeks or months of hard work to find what you’re looking for. Then you find it—the vein of precious, glittering, yellowish rock. Your dreams have…

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The Truth About Independence Day

independence day

With a thunderous crack, a blinding light and a whiff of sulfur, it begins.  If your community is like ours, we’ve been celebrating Independence Day for a week or so already. Nightly fireworks shows put on by neighbors shake the air every evening as kids laugh, dazzled by the colored embers above them.  Despite the…

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