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How a Long-Term Relationship with a Recruiter Can Improve Your Entire Operation

How a Long-Term Relationship with a Recruiter Can Improve Your Entire Operation

For many businesses, recruiters are just the front line in the hiring process, helping screen out the mountain of uninteresting or irrelevant resumes, lining up the few viable applicants and sending them through the gates to run the gauntlet.

Working with businesses large and small, we’ve seen this a lot, and it’s time to have an honest conversation about why this approach will hurt your business and make every additional hire take longer than it needs.

Maintaining communication and understanding that we’re more than just a reference check or a spell check for a resume has led to major success for some of our clients. We keep in touch with businesses who have successful hires or move into a new area, and we reach out to help them grow when we find the right talent.

Your business is always looking at what’s next and where it can grow. Here are five reasons why you should work with a recruiter now and stay in touch with them beyond the couple months it takes to meet your current staffing needs.

We Always Keep an Eye Out for Talent

Since we work with new clients every month, we’re always building a roster of candidates and businesses who need help. When you’re ready to begin the search for top talent, we aim to have applicants ready and waiting to start the interview process.

Our business relies on your growth, so we look for talent who can help you grow. The better we know you, the easier it is for us to provide the most qualified candidates. Every time you come back, we take the lessons learned in your last hiring and refine the process, so we’ve got an eye out for the talent that’s right just for you and your growth.

We Know Your Competitors and Their Staff

When you start looking for top talent and leaders with years of experience in the field, you have to look beyond the initial efforts that secure a flood of resumes.

That often means looking at your competition to see who they have, how long those people have been at their current position, and gauging interest in making a move to a new home. We do competitor research to highlight your values and offerings, allowing us to position you as a valuable resource.

Additionally, when the best people are looking to move, we’ve already spent time getting to know them and what they’re looking for, allowing us to meet your needs that much sooner.

Our Finger Is Always on the Pulse of Industry

You and your competitors are often growing in tandem, focusing on what’s new in your industry.

The goal of the recruiter is often to look past departments and even individual industries to find the bigger picture on the horizon. Understanding this larger context helps us know what’s coming and how to best position you to take advantage of it.

For example, family leave policies are becoming more and more important for a wider range of employees. Millennials are looking to start families and want to avoid losing their job or benefits if they need to take off some time with a new child. Older employees may be dealing with age-related illnesses and conditions for spouses or parents.

Highlighting that you offer flex time so that they can manage and adjust care would make your offer very compelling, sometimes even if your budget makes the payroll offer slightly lower than a competitor’s.

Think of it like selling your home. You know how much you love it and how much you think it’s worth, but it is likely that a realtor better understands how the market values your home and what sellers are wanting to see in it.

We Know Your Problems and Your Value

While you and your competitors may grow in similar ways, your journey to growth is unique. Your daily office life is unique, as are the ways you celebrate your team. This creates a specific value that only you can offer.

In times like this, there are many external factors that are creating significant concerns in today’s biggest industries. We recently looked at the “War for Talent” that’s going on in the insurance space, but know that many other companies are facing similar talent shortages and increased competition.

As a recruiter, we marry your business and these trends so that we’re able to articulate your value in a way that the modern workforce sees as meaningful. It’s part of the three big problems we solve, which you can learn about here.

We Can Save You Money Today and Tomorrow

Recruiters like The James Allen Companies are experts at finding candidates and placing them in the right location to help your business. We do this by streamlining the process to identify, verify, evaluate and present talent.

Not only does this decrease the time it takes you to interview and hire, but we’ve mastered the process in ways that save you money. Here are just a few ways your bottom line benefits from working with us:

  1. We sift through resumes to find the gold, so all you see is gold.
  2. We always look for multiple candidates, so you’re never stuck with someone you don’t want to hire.
  3. We manage job hunter expectations, so you are placed competitively compared to industry salaries, benefits, perks and offers.
  4. We provide the candidate with an honest review of you, giving them an independent look at what you offer and another voice to share how great of a company you are.
  5. We offer a path of continuous improvement. Many companies return to us after a successful placement to bolster their team, address weaknesses or move into new areas. Because we’re already focused on your industry, we can provide knowledge about comparable talent, team design and much more.

Just like any friendship, we get to know you and your goals for the company. This allows us to have honest discussions about what’s possible, who is available and where opportunities may be. We’ll help you address gaps right now with a streamlined process, so you’re not paying HR overtime. Then we’ll help you with future growth so you can push into new avenues with the right talent at the right time.

When you’re ready to start a long-term relationship designed to save you money while ushering in the right talent you need to grow and expand, contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. or call me directly at (573) 334-3688.

Is Your Company at Risk in The War on Talent?

Is Your Company at Risk in The War on Talent?

We recently shared an interesting look at “Insurance: The War for Talent” on our Employers page, and we thought it was important enough for a deeper dive. This blog post will look at some of the chief points and concerns it addresses, plus how you can see if your company is getting caught up in this war.

So, let’s get started with the meat of the issue: there’s going to be a vacuum for middle managers, and they aren’t positions the industry can afford to leave unfilled.

Problem 1: Industry Turnover Could Exceed 50% over 10 Years

A large majority of the insurance industry workforce is nearing retirement — and many professionals are working past the “traditional” retirement age. This means a large portion of industry knowledge rests within people who are preparing to leave.

It also, unfortunately, means that many mid-level career professionals have left the insurance industry because they had little room for advancement. As other industries, from financial services to large enterprises, begun to seek out the same skills as insurance professionals, these mid-level managers had opportunities that lured them away from the insurance market.

That leaves most carriers facing a knowledge gap when more than half of their senior talent leaves in the next 10 to 15 years, says Larry Pistell, Senior Associate Director of Corporate and Industry Relations at the Center for Professional Education at St. John’s University’s School of Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science(SRM).

Problem 2: Carrier Decisions Typically Involve Millions of Dollars and Need Smart Data

Leadership at today’s carriers consistently make decisions that involve multi-million dollar limits and sums insured. Working across an enterprise can quickly scale, so their work can quickly put you at risk if the information your leadership is working with has flaws or is not properly maintained.

The information that is used to create baselines, understand trends, monitor the market, and plan for growth is typically generated at the mid-manager level. They know local and regional markets and can drill down to understand success rates and product demands, filtering the most important information and sending it up the flagpole.

This worry is actually two-fold.

  1. If you start losing these employees or are forced to fill management roles with individuals who don’t understand how to look at the market, your leadership runs the risk of making a mistake by relying on improper information. Trend analysis will be skewed and may cause an improper focus. The good news is that there are multiple avenues to review and check this data so that the risk can be mitigated.
  2. What’s perhaps more important is when you are a victim of the “War on Talent” and lose people who are vital to your departments, even if not in leadership. Those with 15 to 25 years of experience who have seen trends come and go, or understand the data because of their experience, may know how to properly present information and what’s relevant to collect. Filling gaps with whomever you can find means you run the risk of skills gaps that create improper data and knowledge at the bottom levels, creating cracks in the foundation that can eventually reach all the way to the top.

Or, as Pistell puts it: “Those working for insurance enterprises need considerable knowledge/skill if they are to avoid costly errors.”

Problem 3: The Talent Pipeline Is Small

The “War for Talent” authors note that there are fewer than 40 formal, full-time training programs at U.S. universities and colleges that specialize in risk management and actuarial science for the insurance professional.

These programs also tend to be small, with about 3,500 students each year. That’s a significant concern when you think of the thousands of baby boomers expected to still be working but ready to retire in the coming years.

Unfortunately, you can’t march into your local college and demand that it teaches and trains more students and then guarantee that they’ll stick around to work for you if and when your set of positions open up. These students are going to be in demand and will likely be snapped up shortly after graduation — some may even have jobs waiting for them already after having proven themselves as a summer or winter intern.

Pair that with the growing number of competitors to carriers, such as independent agents and brokers squeezing into your space, and you’re looking at a gap that will become more difficult to fill each day on your own.

Solution: Working with a Top Recruiter

Every company needs a game plan to succeed in the future, but the most successful plans will break from today’s established hiring practices. Changes are already underway, and it’s not time to react, it’s time to create a proactive solution.

Working with a top talent recruiter has already proven to be the best path for creating that proactive effort for large insurance carriers. The “War on Talent” is an important concern and answering its problems gets significantly easier when you find an ally who already knows how to solve what you’re facing.

Solving Problem 1

Losing 50% of an industry can be catastrophic when you only work internally. If you only know how to target employees already within a carrier infrastructure, then you risk competition for a small pool and losing out on all of your opportunities.

Recruiters can identify talent that will be outside of this retirement boom and are in the middle of their career. We pay personal attention to your company’s needs as well as understand the needs of potential hires so that we can help you articulate your value.

That allows you to target people who won’t be leaving the workforce soon and are a fit for your needs and values.

Solving Problem 2

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials. Carriers who are becoming leaders are already starting to adopt a millennial workforce. And, that’s great news.

Millennials tend to rely more on technology and have a better understanding of data, but they do need more direct interaction and intervention to work with larger corporations. A recruiter can help you address this demographic that has the data understanding you need to properly prepare for multi-million-dollar business decisions because we know their habits and desires.

We’ll work with them to see your value and help you understand the skills they have when they rise above their peers.

Solving Problem 3

Increases in competition mean you need to be more strategic about your hires. That includes looking for professionals who have the skills you desire but are in different areas, or targeting people who may not be the traditional job seeker.

Recruiters can look within your competitors for someone who has the skills you need, plus we see many professionals who shift industries and find success within the insurance industry.. We know where to look for the skills you need and are always searching.

So, you get the people you need who might be outside of the traditional pipeline, plus — moving back to solutions 1 and 2 — are looking for long-term companies and understand the information that’s important to your business.

To watch this video in entirety visit

When you’re ready to understand and start solving the problems that face insurance carriers, by developing a proactive solution to ensuring talent pipeline, contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. or call me directly at (573) 334-3688.

3 Ways Recruiter Can Help You Save Money and Time Plus Reduce Company Risk

3 Ways Recruiter Can Help You Save Money and Time Plus Reduce Company Risk

We’re in a candidate-driven market, so you need all the help you can get to attract top talent that is looking to make a career with you. Not only do you need to make a compelling offer, but you also need to have convinced your favorite candidate that your company is the best fit for their future.

That requires a lot of support and interaction with candidates, which your team may not have the time to do but what recruiters are specifically designed and capable of doing. It’s time to take a peek behind the curtain to show you exactly what we can do for you as your recruiting partner.

Always Networking

One of the first things to know about a recruiter who specializes in your industry, like we do for  insurance,  is that they are always on the lookout for top talent. We’re consistently meeting and evaluating new people to learn about their skills and needs.

So, when you’re ready to start looking for a new employee, we likely have a few people in mind and can begin delivering candidates quickly. This is different than most HR staff who only start the networking and recruitment process when you realize that you need a new hire — so we’re potentially months ahead of the standard HR team.

It’s the perfect partnership to save your time.

Always Screening

One of our daily habits is also screening the people we meet who are looking for work or a new career. This means reviewing the resumes and candidates we get, plus looking within companies to see who might be unhappy or is experienced and knowledgeable enough for a promotion that your company may be able to offer.

That creates a pool of talented people who are ready for a new career and have known skills and work histories that are right for a variety of different positions at different levels of responsibility.

Our behind-the-scenes work ensures that your company only sees the candidates  we’ve evaluated and screened, matching the needs you’ve expressed and the culture that your company espouses.

We give you potential hires who will provide real value, instead of having your HR team dig through emails and resumes that come with hours and hours of screening or even interviews of unqualified applicants.

Together, we can create clear expectations for you and your potential new employee. This allows you to reduce the risk of each new hire by presenting an honest look at your company and your expectations.

Always Learning

You know your company inside and out, from daily operations and effectiveness through broader culture and core values. Recruiters are positioned to know your company from a different perspective: how others see you.

That means we’re going to research you, figure out how you compare to your competition, and highlight your unique characteristics to candidates we feel would be a good fit, as well as those you are interested in hiring.

This partnership gives you a complete view of your company, which can also help you address advantages and perceptions in the final interview process.

Our team is always reading about what’s new in insurance, what carriers are doing to innovate, and what the overall job-seeker market is looking for and asking for during their search. Partnering with a recruiter gives you a world of new knowledge and then focuses it like a laser to help you hire the perfect candidate.

So, you’ll save money by having access to top talent quickly, making sure your offer is competitive, and matching your company to the trends of the workforce. We prioritize your time and get your team back up and running faster, so there’s less disruption to your organization.

When you’re ready to look a little more behind-the-scenes and learn how we can help you match skills gaps to some of the industry’s best candidates, contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. or call me directly at (573) 334-3688.

Give Old Job Openings a Facelift by Letting Recruiters Do the Hard Work

Give Old Job Openings a Facelift by Letting Recruiters Do the Hard Work

Having HR fill open positions can be a frustrating, tedious process that isn’t guaranteed to get you results. Your team is balancing daily tasks with writing job descriptions and sorting through a flood of unqualified applicants, many of whom didn’t even bother to read the description before emailing you a resume.

You end up paying for hours and hours of wasted time with nothing to show for it.

It’s time to stop paying for the search and start paying for the results, by engaging an insurance recruiter. We are highly motivated professionals who want to deliver the best candidates to you quickly, while ensuring that they are interested in your company and your position for more than just next week.

Recruiters turn job openings into potential for company growth, and there are four chief reasons that this will benefit you and your bottom line with every job opening you have.

Reach the Entire Audience

Traditional job openings attract one section of the people who would be a good fit: those actively looking for a new job. You’re likely missing out on a large portion of people who are currently employed but would be willing to change their employer if the right opportunity presented itself.

Posting job openings can bring a list of candidates to look through when they come to you. On the other hand, recruiters actively seek out the best candidates no matter where they are. We’re looking within your competition and even outside your local market to get the person who is the best fit for your company, culture, and growth potential.

Position Yourself as the Industry Expert

Your future hires want to know that you’re a leader in the industry. They want to be more than just a job title; they are looking for a future with growth potential. They need to understand that you’re looking for more than a cardboard cutout to fill an immediate position.

Recruiters can help attract top talent by articulating your organization’s growth and long-term potential. We tout your expertise directly and by providing details that keep you top-of-mind.

Discover People Who Want the Job for the Right Reason

The goal of a recruiter is always to fill your specific need with the right person. The “right” person often includes someone who will look at your position as a long-term career growth opportunity.

By working with a pool of qualified professionals, we can take time with each candidate and determine their interest in the opportunity based on multiple aspects including both tangible and intangible skills.

Industry experience with qualified candidates helps us cultivate a sixth sense about who is looking at your company for the right reasons, ensuring more successful hires. We help fill positions by looking beyond the compensation you offer and hone in on the real reasons candidates consider changing positions.

Professional recruiting firms who understand your industry are a benefit for every job opening, especially those that are lingering for months without a qualified candidate in sight. We understand how to position you well and find the right person ready for your opportunity.

Guidance and Advice Throughout the Process

And, recruiters are there to help with counsel and guidance throughout the entire search and hiring process.

An expert recruiting firm specializing in the insurance industry understands the intricacies of the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the right industry talent. Not only that, but we stay ahead of existing trends and developments within the insurance marketplace, allowing us to provide insight regarding candidates, the current job market, and just about anything else valuable your search.

We specialize in placing the right people with the right companies at the right time. You get to focus on picking from the few, best-qualified candidates with advice throughout the process. It’s the type of thing you’d offer your customers.

When you’re ready to expand your audience and reach qualified candidates for your job openings, don’t hesitate. Contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. at (573) 334-3688 and see just how amazing our process can be.