3 Ways Recruiter Can Help You Save Money and Time Plus Reduce Company Risk

3 Ways Recruiter Can Help You Save Money and Time Plus Reduce Company Risk

By Jeff Gipson | February 9, 2017

We’re in a candidate-driven market, so you need all the help you can get to attract top talent that is looking to make a career with you. Not only do you need to make a compelling offer, but you also need to have convinced your favorite candidate that your company is the best fit for their future.

That requires a lot of support and interaction with candidates, which your team may not have the time to do but what recruiters are specifically designed and capable of doing. It’s time to take a peek behind the curtain to show you exactly what we can do for you as your recruiting partner.

Always Networking

One of the first things to know about a recruiter who specializes in your industry, like we do for  insurance,  is that they are always on the lookout for top talent. We’re consistently meeting and evaluating new people to learn about their skills and needs.

So, when you’re ready to start looking for a new employee, we likely have a few people in mind and can begin delivering candidates quickly. This is different than most HR staff who only start the networking and recruitment process when you realize that you need a new hire — so we’re potentially months ahead of the standard HR team.

It’s the perfect partnership to save your time.

Always Screening

One of our daily habits is also screening the people we meet who are looking for work or a new career. This means reviewing the resumes and candidates we get, plus looking within companies to see who might be unhappy or is experienced and knowledgeable enough for a promotion that your company may be able to offer.

That creates a pool of talented people who are ready for a new career and have known skills and work histories that are right for a variety of different positions at different levels of responsibility.

Our behind-the-scenes work ensures that your company only sees the candidates  we’ve evaluated and screened, matching the needs you’ve expressed and the culture that your company espouses.

We give you potential hires who will provide real value, instead of having your HR team dig through emails and resumes that come with hours and hours of screening or even interviews of unqualified applicants.

Together, we can create clear expectations for you and your potential new employee. This allows you to reduce the risk of each new hire by presenting an honest look at your company and your expectations.

Always Learning

You know your company inside and out, from daily operations and effectiveness through broader culture and core values. Recruiters are positioned to know your company from a different perspective: how others see you.

That means we’re going to research you, figure out how you compare to your competition, and highlight your unique characteristics to candidates we feel would be a good fit, as well as those you are interested in hiring.

This partnership gives you a complete view of your company, which can also help you address advantages and perceptions in the final interview process.

Our team is always reading about what’s new in insurance, what carriers are doing to innovate, and what the overall job-seeker market is looking for and asking for during their search. Partnering with a recruiter gives you a world of new knowledge and then focuses it like a laser to help you hire the perfect candidate.

So, you’ll save money by having access to top talent quickly, making sure your offer is competitive, and matching your company to the trends of the workforce. We prioritize your time and get your team back up and running faster, so there’s less disruption to your organization.

When you’re ready to look a little more behind-the-scenes and learn how we can help you match skills gaps to some of the industry’s best candidates, contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. or call me directly at (573) 334-3688.

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