Give Old Job Openings a Facelift by Letting Recruiters Do the Hard Work

Give Old Job Openings a Facelift by Letting Recruiters Do the Hard Work

By Jeff Gipson | February 2, 2017

Having HR fill open positions can be a frustrating, tedious process that isn’t guaranteed to get you results. Your team is balancing daily tasks with writing job descriptions and sorting through a flood of unqualified applicants, many of whom didn’t even bother to read the description before emailing you a resume.

You end up paying for hours and hours of wasted time with nothing to show for it.

It’s time to stop paying for the search and start paying for the results, by engaging an insurance recruiter. We are highly motivated professionals who want to deliver the best candidates to you quickly, while ensuring that they are interested in your company and your position for more than just next week.

Recruiters turn job openings into potential for company growth, and there are four chief reasons that this will benefit you and your bottom line with every job opening you have.

Reach the Entire Audience

Traditional job openings attract one section of the people who would be a good fit: those actively looking for a new job. You’re likely missing out on a large portion of people who are currently employed but would be willing to change their employer if the right opportunity presented itself.

Posting job openings can bring a list of candidates to look through when they come to you. On the other hand, recruiters actively seek out the best candidates no matter where they are. We’re looking within your competition and even outside your local market to get the person who is the best fit for your company, culture, and growth potential.

Position Yourself as the Industry Expert

Your future hires want to know that you’re a leader in the industry. They want to be more than just a job title; they are looking for a future with growth potential. They need to understand that you’re looking for more than a cardboard cutout to fill an immediate position.

Recruiters can help attract top talent by articulating your organization’s growth and long-term potential. We tout your expertise directly and by providing details that keep you top-of-mind.

Discover People Who Want the Job for the Right Reason

The goal of a recruiter is always to fill your specific need with the right person. The “right” person often includes someone who will look at your position as a long-term career growth opportunity.

By working with a pool of qualified professionals, we can take time with each candidate and determine their interest in the opportunity based on multiple aspects including both tangible and intangible skills.

Industry experience with qualified candidates helps us cultivate a sixth sense about who is looking at your company for the right reasons, ensuring more successful hires. We help fill positions by looking beyond the compensation you offer and hone in on the real reasons candidates consider changing positions.

Professional recruiting firms who understand your industry are a benefit for every job opening, especially those that are lingering for months without a qualified candidate in sight. We understand how to position you well and find the right person ready for your opportunity.

Guidance and Advice Throughout the Process

And, recruiters are there to help with counsel and guidance throughout the entire search and hiring process.

An expert recruiting firm specializing in the insurance industry understands the intricacies of the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the right industry talent. Not only that, but we stay ahead of existing trends and developments within the insurance marketplace, allowing us to provide insight regarding candidates, the current job market, and just about anything else valuable your search.

We specialize in placing the right people with the right companies at the right time. You get to focus on picking from the few, best-qualified candidates with advice throughout the process. It’s the type of thing you’d offer your customers.

When you’re ready to expand your audience and reach qualified candidates for your job openings, don’t hesitate. Contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. at (573) 334-3688 and see just how amazing our process can be.

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