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How To Sell Your Carrier To Top Talent: 3 Smart Decisions Designed to Showcase Your Values And 2 Bonuses to Help Close the Deal

How To Sell Your Carrier To Top Talent: 3 Smart Decisions Designed to Showcase Your Values And 2 Bonuses to Help Close the Deal

Competition in today’s job market isn’t only a concern for job seekers but for companies trying to attract top talent as well. Every interview is a two-way street where both company and candidate are looking for the best fit.

Countless online directories provide compensation estimates by job description in your area, lending potential hires valuable insight to income potential. That leaves your company’s culture and values as key differentiators.

You typically get three chances to present your values to each prospect, so here are the biggest things to check for with each opportunity, plus a couple of helpful hints that can take your hiring game one step further.

For the Listing: Focus on Freedom and Growth Benefits

When most people look at a large employer, they foresee a future that involves navigating internal politics and climbing a ladder that is complex but has plenty of rungs. You can use this to your benefit by noting ways your organization overcomes presuppositions, from flexible placements to progressive benefit options.

Sharing these cultural benefits in your job listing and description gives the impression to prospects that you are a company who is willing to provide the freedoms that studies from Gallup, Monster and others say are important.

On the Web: Your Site Should Cater to Customers and Candidates

You’ve likely come across company websites that showcase their corporate responsibility, volunteer work, environmental-friendliness and other positive traits outside of their normal operations. All of these efforts are designed to improve the company’s standing in the eyes of both customers and potential employees.

Today’s job seekers want to know that a company shares their values and culture. Your website is the launching pad from which this connection is made. This information should also be provided on your “Careers” page and the landing pages you provide in your job descriptions out on the Web.

Don’t be shy about the work you’ve done. If you’ve made a commitment to hiring more veterans, given to a specific charity, conducted food drives or other actions, share these. Go beyond just publishing your values and showcase them with company news and events to make your website attractive to the people who may want to work for you.

In the Room: Discuss Your Company Philosophy

Candidates often ask “what do you like about working here?” because they want to know that your environment is enjoyable. You can get ahead of this question and deliver all that information by discussing what you, as an individual, enjoy about your company and how it relates to the overall company philosophy.

Stick to tangibles such as the way that the company treats you and how easy it is to collaborate and solve problems, if there’s a favorite community service activity in which you’re engaged, speak to it and how it adds to your company’s culture and values.

Gallup has included “I have a best friend at work” in its core list of dimensions that describe great workgroups since the 1990s because people who agree with the sentiment report much higher levels of receiving and giving praise, making commitments to quality and feeling like their job is important. If you’ve made friends at work, it can be a positive thing to mention.

Bonus 1: Ditch Stock Photos for Real Photos

People respond very positively to images on a career page, especially when they’re interesting photos. But, you get the biggest bang for your buck when you create your own. Capture people and places as they naturally happen and visitors are more likely to view you as human and want to engage with your company and your job forms.

Bonus 2: Get an Added Boost From a Leading Recruiter

The biggest danger in these elements is the “oversell.” You need a blend of company culture, values, work, and staff to land the right candidates. The problem is that the best combination of these elements differs for each candidate.

Recruiters can help you understand what a person values most because we’re able to ask before your meeting, helping you prepare and ensuring you address what’s most important to them.

After the interview, we can also provide additional information to your preferred candidates, positioning you as better than the competition in areas that are important to the candidate as well as following up with benefits or discussing how you’ve followed up on interview promises with examples of career advancement, company growth and more.

Candidates typically see recruiters as impartial representatives, so it adds an extra value and weight when we discuss your company’s benefits and how they fit with the candidate’s goals. It’s a boost you can only get from a leading recruiter who understands you, your market and the people you want to hire.

When you’re ready to give your company the best opportunity possible in finding the right candidate to fit your skills needs and culture, contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. or call me directly at (573) 334-3688.

4 Best Practices for Targeting Mid-Level Career Talent

4 Best Practices for Targeting Mid-Level Career Talent

Your Company Needs to Approach Staffing Differently, and We’re Here to Help

Professionals in the middle of their careers and those entering middle management are the lifeblood of an organization, driving the specific actions that generate revenue. They are your front line in profitability and managing teams, making them vital to your future.

Unfortunately, demographic trends are leaving most companies without a growing middle-managerial staff. If you have not yet experienced this, you may soon find your organization in a position where your top talent is retiring, leaving a younger, less-experienced staff to take the reins, which can pose a significant risk to your operations.

Companies like yours are already fighting this problem by being prepared and creating long-lasting relationships with recruiters. At The James Allen Companies, we’re helping organizations like yours find the people they need, giving leadership the tools it needs to understand and assess these risks.

We have outlined four key points that drive the successful recruitment of your mid-level career talent and create a pipeline of leadership that propels you forward.

Prepare for the Market

Today’s labor market is undergoing significant change. As more industries move into the digital arena, we’re seeing positions shift in-house from outsourced operations, creating a greater workload and demand on staffs.

Specifically, for markets like yours, we see three big career trends hitting in 2017:

  1. Economists say the unemployment rate will fall further as the year progresses, so you’ll be facing a tighter race in the War for Talent. Prepare for increased discussions on salaries, benefits, perks, and a mix of new demands that may include telework or family leave options.
  2. Succession plans are vital, now more than ever as a greater number of Baby Boomers continue to retire. This is also the time to transform positions so as to make them more appealing to a more modern workforce (and save money in the long-term).
  3. Watch to see if your competition turns to staffing consultants. In 2015 and 2016, enterprises spent heavily to create relationships with a wide number of recruiters. At the end of 2016 and moving into 2017, that practice started moving to smaller companies as they became better aware of the ROI and competitive advantage it garnered them.

These trends imply that nearly every organization is going to need to change the way it thinks about recruiting and talent retention.

Take Time to Learn Your Audience

Who do you picture when you think of a mid-career employee? What attributes do you give them? How experienced are they? What do they care about?

These questions can help you begin to understand and approach mid-level career talent. And as you ask these questions, you may be surprised to learn that Millennials are entering your target zone.

Born as early as 1980, the first Millennials are in their late 30s and may have as much as 15 years of true professional experience. They’re not only hitting their stride, but they’re making a bigger mark than anyone else today. In April of 2016, Millennials officially became the largest generation in America, roughly one year after they became the largest generation in the labor force (by 2020, nearly half of all U.S. workers will be Millennials).

If you’re looking for talent that is ready to grow with your company, has years to stay in similar positions, plus has plenty of room to grow, make sure you’re looking in the right place and tailoring your business to meet them.

In regards to Millennials, it’s important to espouse your brand’s social responsibility efforts and stances. They’re not the first generation to want companies to give back — Gen X is sometimes even more demanding of this — so many companies already have a cause or purpose. It is vital that your cause is articulated on your website, in your promotional materials and in your interviews.

Put Your Company in Terms of Their Goals

Identifying your audience allows you to understand where they want to go in their career. In today’s professionals, from Boomers to Millennials, one of the more significant pushes is to view their employer as a flexible partner who provides meaningful work.

The days of demanding the big expense account and corner office are ending for most employees who are in the beginning and middle of their careers. They want to know that career and lifestyle can be balanced. But they’re also more willing to take work with them during those afternoons and weekends, so you have an opportunity to be considered a relationship as much as a source of income.

Present your company through individual connections: meetings and phone calls with candidates you’re interested in, instead of doing everything through email. When you’ve narrowed down your selection, try to add a personal touch when you recruit.

Develop a Relationship with a Committed Recruiter

Most of today’s businesses need to hire specific talent, but they have a small HR staff that’s already overwhelmed. If you’re in this situation, what do you do?

Instead of obtaining the services of a vendor, work to build a strategic, long-term relationship with a reliable partner who understands the nuances of your industry and can help you find quality candidates quickly. If you create this relationship before your need becomes critical, you’ll have someone in your corner who understands and can help your business.

Together we can develop a clear workforce plan that will help you expedite your hiring process and can even anticipate needs before they happen. Our goal is to save you money over the long-term by reducing turnover rates and letting you spend time with top talent, instead of having to sort through a mountain of resumes.

When you’re ready to find the right candidates for your mid-level positions and leadership opportunities by changing the way you think about creating a talent pipeline, contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. or call me directly at (573) 334-3688.

3 Ways Recruiter Can Help You Save Money and Time Plus Reduce Company Risk

3 Ways Recruiter Can Help You Save Money and Time Plus Reduce Company Risk

We’re in a candidate-driven market, so you need all the help you can get to attract top talent that is looking to make a career with you. Not only do you need to make a compelling offer, but you also need to have convinced your favorite candidate that your company is the best fit for their future.

That requires a lot of support and interaction with candidates, which your team may not have the time to do but what recruiters are specifically designed and capable of doing. It’s time to take a peek behind the curtain to show you exactly what we can do for you as your recruiting partner.

Always Networking

One of the first things to know about a recruiter who specializes in your industry, like we do for  insurance,  is that they are always on the lookout for top talent. We’re consistently meeting and evaluating new people to learn about their skills and needs.

So, when you’re ready to start looking for a new employee, we likely have a few people in mind and can begin delivering candidates quickly. This is different than most HR staff who only start the networking and recruitment process when you realize that you need a new hire — so we’re potentially months ahead of the standard HR team.

It’s the perfect partnership to save your time.

Always Screening

One of our daily habits is also screening the people we meet who are looking for work or a new career. This means reviewing the resumes and candidates we get, plus looking within companies to see who might be unhappy or is experienced and knowledgeable enough for a promotion that your company may be able to offer.

That creates a pool of talented people who are ready for a new career and have known skills and work histories that are right for a variety of different positions at different levels of responsibility.

Our behind-the-scenes work ensures that your company only sees the candidates  we’ve evaluated and screened, matching the needs you’ve expressed and the culture that your company espouses.

We give you potential hires who will provide real value, instead of having your HR team dig through emails and resumes that come with hours and hours of screening or even interviews of unqualified applicants.

Together, we can create clear expectations for you and your potential new employee. This allows you to reduce the risk of each new hire by presenting an honest look at your company and your expectations.

Always Learning

You know your company inside and out, from daily operations and effectiveness through broader culture and core values. Recruiters are positioned to know your company from a different perspective: how others see you.

That means we’re going to research you, figure out how you compare to your competition, and highlight your unique characteristics to candidates we feel would be a good fit, as well as those you are interested in hiring.

This partnership gives you a complete view of your company, which can also help you address advantages and perceptions in the final interview process.

Our team is always reading about what’s new in insurance, what carriers are doing to innovate, and what the overall job-seeker market is looking for and asking for during their search. Partnering with a recruiter gives you a world of new knowledge and then focuses it like a laser to help you hire the perfect candidate.

So, you’ll save money by having access to top talent quickly, making sure your offer is competitive, and matching your company to the trends of the workforce. We prioritize your time and get your team back up and running faster, so there’s less disruption to your organization.

When you’re ready to look a little more behind-the-scenes and learn how we can help you match skills gaps to some of the industry’s best candidates, contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. or call me directly at (573) 334-3688.

Give Old Job Openings a Facelift by Letting Recruiters Do the Hard Work

Give Old Job Openings a Facelift by Letting Recruiters Do the Hard Work

Having HR fill open positions can be a frustrating, tedious process that isn’t guaranteed to get you results. Your team is balancing daily tasks with writing job descriptions and sorting through a flood of unqualified applicants, many of whom didn’t even bother to read the description before emailing you a resume.

You end up paying for hours and hours of wasted time with nothing to show for it.

It’s time to stop paying for the search and start paying for the results, by engaging an insurance recruiter. We are highly motivated professionals who want to deliver the best candidates to you quickly, while ensuring that they are interested in your company and your position for more than just next week.

Recruiters turn job openings into potential for company growth, and there are four chief reasons that this will benefit you and your bottom line with every job opening you have.

Reach the Entire Audience

Traditional job openings attract one section of the people who would be a good fit: those actively looking for a new job. You’re likely missing out on a large portion of people who are currently employed but would be willing to change their employer if the right opportunity presented itself.

Posting job openings can bring a list of candidates to look through when they come to you. On the other hand, recruiters actively seek out the best candidates no matter where they are. We’re looking within your competition and even outside your local market to get the person who is the best fit for your company, culture, and growth potential.

Position Yourself as the Industry Expert

Your future hires want to know that you’re a leader in the industry. They want to be more than just a job title; they are looking for a future with growth potential. They need to understand that you’re looking for more than a cardboard cutout to fill an immediate position.

Recruiters can help attract top talent by articulating your organization’s growth and long-term potential. We tout your expertise directly and by providing details that keep you top-of-mind.

Discover People Who Want the Job for the Right Reason

The goal of a recruiter is always to fill your specific need with the right person. The “right” person often includes someone who will look at your position as a long-term career growth opportunity.

By working with a pool of qualified professionals, we can take time with each candidate and determine their interest in the opportunity based on multiple aspects including both tangible and intangible skills.

Industry experience with qualified candidates helps us cultivate a sixth sense about who is looking at your company for the right reasons, ensuring more successful hires. We help fill positions by looking beyond the compensation you offer and hone in on the real reasons candidates consider changing positions.

Professional recruiting firms who understand your industry are a benefit for every job opening, especially those that are lingering for months without a qualified candidate in sight. We understand how to position you well and find the right person ready for your opportunity.

Guidance and Advice Throughout the Process

And, recruiters are there to help with counsel and guidance throughout the entire search and hiring process.

An expert recruiting firm specializing in the insurance industry understands the intricacies of the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the right industry talent. Not only that, but we stay ahead of existing trends and developments within the insurance marketplace, allowing us to provide insight regarding candidates, the current job market, and just about anything else valuable your search.

We specialize in placing the right people with the right companies at the right time. You get to focus on picking from the few, best-qualified candidates with advice throughout the process. It’s the type of thing you’d offer your customers.

When you’re ready to expand your audience and reach qualified candidates for your job openings, don’t hesitate. Contact The James Allen Companies, Inc. at (573) 334-3688 and see just how amazing our process can be.