Where, Oh Where, Have the Candidates Gone?

Where, Oh Where, Have the Candidates Gone?

Avatar photo Jeff Gipson | September 9, 2019

Last week we addressed a disturbing trend that has taken the insurance industry by surprise. Ghosting, as it’s called, is what happens when candidates drop out of the hiring process without notice. However, instead of getting frustrated or ignoring the problem, insurance companies need to face it head-on by looking at the reasons why they’re losing candidates. One of those reasons could be the hiring process. Without the right process, you will lose more candidates than you gain. Fortunately, we at The James Allen Companies want to help.  

Where Your Hiring Process is Going Wrong

If you’re seeing candidates dropping like flies, there’s likely a problem with your hiring process. One of the biggest reasons candidates drop out is because the process is too long

When dealing with top-level candidates, many of them are only on the market for 10 days because they’ve either accepted a counteroffer or were recruited by another company, so you don’t have much time to win them over. If your hiring process involves lengthy applications, multiple interviews and long waiting periods, they’re going to jump ship. Studies have found 60 percent of professionals won’t finish your job application because it’s too long or too complicated. When dealing with passive candidates presented by a recruiter, the need for an application is minimal because already know they’re qualified, but if you still insist on an application, you could find yourself losing candidates.

Then there’s the interview process. On average, interview processes last about 24 days which means you spend almost a month of interviewing candidates. Eighty-seven percent of candidates think participating in more than two interviews is unacceptable so if there are too many interviews, you’re going to find candidates are turned off by your business and seek other options. 

That’s just how your process is upsetting your candidates. A lengthy process can also upset your bottom line. The more time you leave candidates on the line, the more money you lose because a job isn’t getting done. A long, convoluted process can also have a negative impact on how people view your business. In the professional world, word travels fast. When a candidate reviews a company, a negative experience during the hiring process may raise red flags to other potential candidates. 

If you’re finding candidates aren’t holding on until the end of the hiring process, don’t fret—there is a solution. By partnering with top-tier insurance recruiting agency The James Allen Companies, we can help you tackle these problems and keep candidates on the hook. We provide feedback on job titles and descriptions to help you attract more candidates. Our recruiters take the guesswork out of hiring by reaching out to candidates within our network of specialized professionals. We schedule interviews and keep candidates informed so they feel comfortable throughout the hiring process. Keep your hiring experience a positive one by contacting The James Allen Companies today. 

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