Company Culture: A platform for developing talent and cohesive teams

Company Culture: A platform for developing talent and cohesive teams

Avatar photo Jeff Gipson | February 4, 2021

Company culture. It’s a phrase a lot of recruiters toss around. They talk about how new employees, new talent, new leaders will fit or enhance the company culture of the clients they work with. I’m not big on buzzwords, but company culture is an important part of the consideration that goes into making a connection between our clients and the specialized talent we provide access to. 

So how does an organization utilize company culture to propel itself forward and remain competitive?

Foster a culture of growth

When you put time and resources into training and development, your company culture creates opportunities for your teams to grow. Your investment in your employees will become visible and, quite frankly, it will show that you care. If you believe in your people, they in turn will believe in your mission and goals. 

Create a culture of curiosity 

A vital part of being an effective leader is helping your teams establish and recognize their own goals—things within the space of their career that really matter to them. Finding a task or project that aligns with a professional’s interests, preferably one that challenges and pushes them past what they thought were their capabilities, is an organic way to help someone grow or discover their passion. Performance is always better when someone enjoys what they do. 

Encourage a culture of honesty

An effective and adaptive company culture is one that makes adjustments based on employee feedback. Leaders give honest and frank feedback to the people they lead and it’s only fair that whoever is at the helm of a business afford those under them the same courtesy. This exchange provides latitude to learn, removing the obstacles that hierarchies can sometimes promote. 

Promote and stick to cultural values

When looking to improve your company culture, ask yourself this, “What values do we want to be known for?” Do you want to promote the spirit of competition, an environment that is fast paced but puts emphasis on constant training so your top performers help develop employees equally as capable? Or do you want to build a family dynamic where training and development build a symbiotic professional community—a family? Whatever systemic approach you promote, commit to it. It gives those you lead an ordered, predictable and stable space to work within.

At The James Allen Companies, we take the time, do the research and get on the phone with you. We learn who you are as a business and who you want to become as a business. Together, we can find those talented professionals who will give you the momentum and staying power to create a company culture that enables and enhances every person under your leadership umbrella.

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Jeff Gipson
Jeff Gipson Sr. is a veteran of the staffing industry, with more than 30 years of experience. He got his start working for an international staffing organization where he focused on information technology placements across the country. In July 1992, Jeff continued his staffing career with a St. Louis based information technology staffing company. There, he was strategically involved in launching the organization’s first branch office — and subsequently three additional branch offices over the next several years. In July 2000 Jeff made another move — this time to launch his own staffing company, continuing his IT focus. In 2003 the organization was reinvented. Relying on his earlier sales career in the insurance industry, the company changed course and began building the firm around the insurance industry. The company continues to put all their energy in the insurance sector filling positions of all titles across the country. Jeff and his wife Carolyn have been married since 1980. They have three children and seven grandchildren.
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