Connectivity: Opportunities for Effective Communication in a Revitalized Economy

Connectivity: Opportunities for Effective Communication in a Revitalized Economy

Avatar photo Amy Simpson | May 1, 2020

As many businesses begin planning a return to work, the landscape of the insurance industry has adjusted, leaving nearly 10 percent more people working remotely. This shift makes internal and external communication skills even more vital and those with soft skills in a strong position to take on leadership roles where they can more efficiently direct future collaborative efforts. Finding and placing these professionals with strong soft-skill sets will not only be necessary to promote growth, but also to effectively communicate the cultural changes affecting the insurance industry.

The current economic and social climate is a prime opportunity to turn the uncertain and the tragic into the potential for growth, to build the skills that will leave us all better prepared if something like this ever shows its troublesome face again. Finding effective communicators is where that process of real, substantial, positive growth has to begin. 

Those C-level-and-above leadership potentials have to lead the way, make the connections, help to build trust between a company and its employees, and develop external messaging that is not only confident but also addresses the severity of our current situation. There are trying times ahead; however, there are leaders out there capable of building strong partnerships through means that may not necessarily be face-to-face. As we lean on the communication toolbox, from teleconferencing to the more traditional phone call, every method will require talent to do the most with the channels available to them.

It is imperative that the future leaders we place within the insurance industry know the only way to build solid connections is to take a direct and proactive approach to both internal and external communication. The actions they take with their companies and the messaging they project to the consumer will be on full display, and both these audiences will demand absolute authenticity. CEOs, managers and supervisors: these are all important channels for constructing a new dynamic framework to conduct profitable business in an effective new way.

Keeping this new model of operation humming along is going to be a great deal of work, adjusting to a new usual method and manner of conducting business. While collaboration is up by necessity, productivity has understandably suffered while producers are having to combine their work with their home lives. Current and near future industry leadership will need to respect a period of transition reflected in the organizational shifts of those who continue working from somewhere other than the office. Soft skills will be more relevant than ever, ensuring the flow of work and profitability continues in the absence of some face-to-face interaction.

In the wake of COVID-19, employee engagement has reached new levels, fueled by concerns for their futures, their income and the well beings of those they care for. There isn’t any reason to think that the desire to be informed and stay informed will abate anytime soon, if ever. The paradigm has shifted, and in order to attract and retain impactful talent, this new culture of real-time-relevance must be maintained and shepherded by leaders with the soft skills to accurately bring their organizations’ stance to their valued employees and their client base. 

At The James Allen Companies, we want you to take full advantage of the resources we can provide, helping your business meet the coming challenges head-on. Together we can chart a course that will not only increase your viability in the changing markets, but help you to secure your competitive position at the forefront of what is coming.

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Amy Simpson
Amy has more than a decade of experience successfully recruiting experienced insurance professionals. Her extensive expertise and network of contacts has allowed her to place highly skilled and nearly impossible to find candidates in underwriting, claims, loss control, sales, premium audit, marketing, human resources, IT and beyond. She loves the challenge of looking for someone who seems impossible to find. Amy is committed to exceeding her clients’ expectations and enjoys helping people to enhance their careers. Amy has two young children, Noah and Jonah, with her husband Marc. They love to travel and look forward to planning their next visit to Disney World.
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