Considering Career Options: 5 Managers You Should Cut Loose

Considering Career Options: 5 Managers You Should Cut Loose

Avatar photo Amy Simpson | September 28, 2020

The current economic climate has primed some of the most driven insurance professionals to carefully examine the companies and the managers for which they work. More often than not, a candidate’s reason for leaving a stable or even lucrative position is not because of the company overall, but rather those executives or managers who directly affect the individual’s work experience and their access to the company’s cultural resources. 

If your company leaders are engaging in any of these five toxic behaviors, it is time to gain access to a network of decision makers interested in fostering your personal and professional growth.

The Micromanager

This executive doesn’t give the space you need to function, much less grow professionally. Micromanaging one’s employees is only efficient if you want to remove any sense of personal accomplishment, empowerment and, in turn, accountability from a team member. An overbearing manager limits any chance of growth or variety of approach by constantly forcing their own way of doing things down others’ throats.

The Confidence Killer

This executive is one who undermines the top attribute that allows a sales professional to do and excel at their job—confidence. They have a singular mode of thinking, or at least that is what they project, allowing them to continually critique your work,  even when it should exceed expectations, and often will take credit for your accomplishments as a result of their leadership. Without the ability to question common practices, there is no room for change, innovation or evolution. Overly critical executive leaders or managers limit not only the company, but also the potential of their team members.

The Anti-Coach

An effective leader takes the professional development of their team seriously. It is a priority to see the natural strengths of each member further developed and to find ways to mitigate or improve their shortcomings through education or through the creation of strategies that match their aptitudes. Ineffective managers are those who are essentially incapable of effectively leading because they refuse to listen to you, a contributor, devaluing any input you may have, and failing to create any relationship because they will not engage on any productive level. 

The Bad Guy

An unethical executive makes their team members question what their company’s core values even are. This executive or manager does anything and everything to accomplish the goals they set, no matter how morally shaky the ground they walk upon, no matter how compromised they make the teams they lead feel. One has to maintain morality and ethics to function in any society. The insurance industry is no exception. The codes we operate within help us maintain our values and the healthy relationships you have with other team members, other companies and your customers. Good managers lead by example and, most importantly, if they see you entering into shaky territory, they will pull you back and offer you options that lead to success without compromising your professional integrity.

The Sinking Ship

A good boss is one who makes great leaders from other managers, one who gives their teams the freedom to work, offers them constructive criticism to help them overcome weaknesses and fosters their strengths and confidence, one who maintains an ethically and morally sound dynamic in all professional engagements. What can lead to a manager displaying toxic behavior is when they themselves are a poor performer, experiencing some of the aforementioned behaviors —trickling down to their team members. 

At The James Allen Companies, we represent those clients for whom we would love to work and provide leadership candidates that will bring your teams closer together.

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