Executive Hires: What to look for moving forward into 2020 and beyond

Executive Hires: What to look for moving forward into 2020 and beyond

Avatar photo Jeff Gipson | September 15, 2020

When we consider moving forward into the remainder of 2020 and beyond, we have to do a quick inventory of what has changed and what remains constant. We have to take this count, in regard to your business and mine, in order to determine a base set of skills and attributes that will allow executive hires to succeed in the diverse professional world of insurance. 

The insurance industry, along with nearly every other space, has been forced to reassess how it approaches a world and market that can be quick to change. It has recognized the value in diverse ways of thinking, soft skills and competencies in areas such as communication technologies that have become essential to a business’ agility in a world shown to be increasingly unpredictable. 

Finding high quality executive hires, leaders who can flourish in a professional landscape that is still adjusting to the world around it, will be the difference between those companies that survive this transition and those that excel. 

Look for someone who leads

Building a new program or taking on a new initiative is a big task, one that requires fundamental management skills and a commitment to consistency. In order for any beneficial change to become standard practice, a professional must be willing to lead and, any more, change is a page in everyone’s book.

Look for someone who developed a solution

Lots of folks can see a problem. Lots of folks can complain about and never find a way past it either. Problems and new versions of those problems require new models to address them. The mind that takes the time to develop a road past those obstacles is an asset applicable to every part of your business.

Look for someone who acted upon an opportunity

Today, we all value stability a bit more than we did at the beginning of the year, but we can’t let the unknown and unexpected prevent us from taking the chances that push us forward. Without intelligent and measured risk takers, innovation doesn’t exist and entire markets are often under utilized. You need those executive hires who will seize upon those opportunities which benefit your company as a whole.

Look for someone four steps ahead

Recognizing a trend is usually pretty easy when you’re in the midst of it. But finding those candidates who predicted trends and then capitalized on them, benefiting their team and company—that is a mind actively planning, actively thinking ahead for the betterment of every individual they are professionally connected to.

Look for someone who builds relationships first

The insurance industry is first and foremost about people, and good business involves taking care of every person your company and services touches. Building solid and prolonged relationships and preserving the loyalty that results from these connections is key to building a resilient professional community. 

I know this may seem like common sense, but I find it is the common sense that we sometimes forget the most. We are in the middle of a recovery that will bring us into a period of prosperity unlike anything we’ve seen in quite some time…but we have to get there first. The James Allen Companies will continue to provide our clients with assistance, insights and the executive hires they need to prosper now and long into the future. 

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Jeff Gipson
Jeff Gipson Sr. is a veteran of the staffing industry, with more than 30 years of experience. He got his start working for an international staffing organization where he focused on information technology placements across the country. In July 1992, Jeff continued his staffing career with a St. Louis based information technology staffing company. There, he was strategically involved in launching the organization’s first branch office — and subsequently three additional branch offices over the next several years. In July 2000 Jeff made another move — this time to launch his own staffing company, continuing his IT focus. In 2003 the organization was reinvented. Relying on his earlier sales career in the insurance industry, the company changed course and began building the firm around the insurance industry. The company continues to put all their energy in the insurance sector filling positions of all titles across the country. Jeff and his wife Carolyn have been married since 1980. They have three children and seven grandchildren.
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