How to write a resume that will get you hired

How to write a resume that will get you hired

Avatar photo Amy Simpson | March 14, 2022

You might be wondering why we’re churning out yet another “writing a resume” blog, especially when there are already countless resources and tips at your disposal. While that’s true, writing a resume that will get you hired isn’t easy—trends and ATS technology are constantly changing.

Part of a recruiter’s job is screening countless resumes to see if they could be a good fit for our clients. One of the many services we provide is resume review. 

Before you submit your resume, here are some of our most common and valuable suggestions for creating a resume that will stand out and effectively reflect your qualifications.

Length of Resume

The length of your resume is always tricky. Make it too short, and employers might think you’re underqualified. Make it too long, and you’ll lose the attention of your reader. It’s a frustrating and tricky balance. That’s not to say that your resume can’t go over a single page, though. Don’t sacrifice readability or presentation to make everything fit.

We don’t recommend keeping your resume to one page. As long as you have the appropriate experience to back it up, a two- or three-page resume is perfectly fine. A one-page resume is more appropriate for an entry-level position.

Avoid job experience that doesn’t have transferable skills to the applied-for position. However, do include experience that highlights any leadership skills or skills with relevant programs. 

Show & Tell

When you write a resume, don’t hold back. Be sure to include any other high-level achievements, certifications, qualifications and organizations as they pertain to the position. Something as simple as a certification demonstrates to an employer that you are willing to learn new skills and will most likely be coachable and self-motivated. 


Don’t write a one-and-go resume. We know that’s hard to hear and annoyingly time-consuming. With each position you apply for, you need to make adjustments to customize your resume for your specific audience. For example, maybe Employer A prioritizes qualifications with a particular program while Employer B values another. 

Adjusting minor changes to your resume to suit the employer will help beat any ATS in place and create a more competitive resume. The easiest way to write a resume is to review a job description. What action words is the employer using? What qualifications do they seek? This information is often the key to crafting the perfect resume for that specific position. 

At The James Allen Companies, we believe in creating positive outcomes for our candidates. If you’re an insurance professional struggling to craft the perfect resume, upload your resume and request our feedback.

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