The characters to look for when assembling a dynamic insurance team

The characters to look for when assembling a dynamic insurance team

Amy Simpson | July 27, 2021

What makes a great insurance team? What kind of people do you need to remain competitive and advance your goals in the insurance space?

Considering the “Great Resignation” or the “Big Shift” being discussed at great length in the hiring community, the number of professionals getting ready to change companies and careers may present a massive opportunity to bolster your organization’s ranks, adding talent to your roster and enhancing your company culture. 

Personality types to consider when building a dynamic insurance team

A professional’s personality—a combination of variable inclinations, aptitudes and intelligences—can determine that person’s position within a group dynamic, where they can best and most efficiently contribute to meeting the goals of the business. 

The Captain

These are results-oriented professionals. They have never needed a significant amount of motivation other than a task and the chance to succeed. They are natural leaders, primarily by example and will naturally “assume command” helping to focus other team members on their common goal. They unite your insurance team through an energetic dedication to purpose. 

The Diplomat

These are the most intuitive members of your office, virtual or otherwise. They possess a high level of emotional intelligence and recognize that being a professional is still being a person. They recognize the feelings of other team members and seek to create personal relationships within that insurance team. They seek balance through negotiation, addressing and alleviating the emotional stress that can come with any significant project. 

The Hall Monitor

No running! No chewing gum! No one can be in the hall after the bell! We’re kidding, obviously, but these team members know the rules and they follow them. They ensure every mandatory box is checked from the beginning of a task to the end. These professionals help your teams stay on target and help to balance …

The Rogue

This professional steers away from the common, always trying to develop new and innovative solutions to traditionally challenging obstacles. They try new things and usually possess an acumen for creativity that their other insurance team members do not. You want these professionals within your organization because their lack of convention can often discover new, more efficient best practices since they don’t take problem-solving opportunities at face value. 

The Gatekeeper

These individuals are hard to move on most issues. They are pragmatic, if-it’s-not-broken-don’t-fix-it types, and emotionally, they are hard to shake. You want these professionals on your insurance team because they act as a stabilizing force. They are excellent people to include when discussing the adoption of new methods as they are often resistant to change other than when truly necessary and convincing them requires real dedication. 

Now, within all groups there is conflict, and the biggest mistake is not thinking that is OK. Team members who challenge each other often produce results we can expect but not predict. Combining personality types and professional strategies creates teams that, with the proper guidance, respect one another, appreciate each other’s differences and, when given common purpose, can achieve incredible things. 

The James Allen Companies has a long track record of finding those personalities that compliment your culture and enable your business to grow. 

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Amy Simpson
Amy has more than a decade of experience successfully recruiting experienced insurance professionals. Her extensive expertise and network of contacts has allowed her to place highly skilled and nearly impossible to find candidates in underwriting, claims, loss control, sales, premium audit, marketing, human resources, IT and beyond. She loves the challenge of looking for someone who seems impossible to find. Amy is committed to exceeding her clients’ expectations and enjoys helping people to enhance their careers. Amy has two young children, Noah and Jonah, with her husband Marc. They love to travel and look forward to planning their next visit to Disney World.
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