7 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive

7 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive

Avatar photo Amy Simpson | June 8, 2022

LinkedIn is practically a playground for recruiters. If you’re not using LinkedIn for your job search, you’re missing out on its benefits—like being able to research companies, build your brand, connect with recruiters and see job postings—all for free.

As a recruiter, take my word when I say your LinkedIn account holds weight, and whether it’s well-crafted may determine if a recruiter wants to work with you.

If you’re wondering how to make a better LinkedIn profile, here are our seven simple tips.

1. Clean Headshot

The best thing you can do is upload a picture of yourself. People like to see a face with a name, and your headshot will be users’ first impression of you.

It’s not enough to just upload any picture. We recommend a professional headshot. While you can always go to a professional photographer to have this done, it’s relatively easy to DIY. Your headshot should be right above the bust, including your shoulders and the middle of your chest. You’ll also want to snap a picture in good lighting without harsh shadows. A plain background is best, but you can also stand outdoors or in front of a bookshelf. Just be sure your environment isn’t cluttered or takes attention away from your face. And don’t think you have to use an expensive camera! A cell phone camera works great, especially if you have the portrait feature. Just be sure to use a tripod or have someone take the picture for you. This is not the place for selfies!

2. Other Media

Just like on Twitter and Facebook, you can add a cover photo to your LinkedIn profile. Try picking a theme that meshes well with your profile and is relevant to your industry or personality. You can also add videos to your account and profile pictures.

You’ll also want to write a clever headline and summary to be able to tell your story. Be mindful of the character counts, and remember to write for your target audience. Your headline is what shows up when recruiters or others are searching for characteristics that you embody. Be sure to make it descriptive of you and your skills—which may or may not include your current title.

3. Your Online Resume

Your LinkedIn profile should act as your online resume and match the information you submit to employers. You’ll want to add where you’ve worked, the dates, titles and descriptions. Don’t just copy and paste your resume onto your profile. It’s important to adjust relevant information.

While there’s no page limit on your resume on LinkedIn, be mindful of short attention spans. Remember to use good action words and limit your bullet points for each job you add. Like any resume, demonstrate the results you’ve delivered, the change you’ve enacted and your impact.

4. #OpenToWork

Want to know what’s a great green flag for recruiters? LinkedIn’s “Open to Work” profile banner. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a simple green banner on a user’s profile picture with the hashtag that lets recruiters know you’re open to a job or career change.

However, be careful using the feature if you are in a position where your current employer is not aware you plan on leaving.

5. Write Articles

Another good tactic to make an attractive LinkedIn profile is to write articles—like I’m doing right now! Writing articles is a surefire way to get seen on the platform and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Like any platform, sharing content with a relevant audience is the best way to gain connections and credibility, especially in such a competitive hiring market.

6. Recommendations

Word-of-mouth marketing does wonders in the recruiting world, and LinkedIn’s recommendation feature works the same. Recommendations on your profile show that other people are willing to vouch for the quality of your work and can provide details on what you can offer. They’re no different than endorsements or references.

You want someone credible to write one for you, someone who is established and visible on the platform and in your industry. Ensure that the recommendations accurately reflect you and are strategically written. If you write a recommendation for someone else or vice versa, ask questions to ensure it is meaningful.

7. Stay Active

Every. Single. Day. That’s how active I am on LinkedIn. Even if I’m not posting, liking, sharing or commenting, I’m still actively using the platform for messaging, researching or searching for news. That said, I am tapping into a professional audience and my activity helps clients and candidates find me and vice versa.

Your activity and engagement determine where you rank on the platform’s search engine. So, if you want to make it easy for other users or recruiters to find you, start using your account regularly and building relationships with people.

At The James Allen Co., we work closely with our candidates and help them build their careers in the insurance industry. If you’re #OpentoWork, connect with me on LinkedIn or start a conversation with one of our recruiters today.

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