Building an Effective Insurance Team

Building an Effective Insurance Team

Building an Effective Insurance Team

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An effective insurance team is the key to a successful insurance business. To create a strong team, you need to consider more than technical skills. Teams that succeed have a plethora of technical skills and personalities. These elements result in a positive team dynamic and can help your business be more successful. 

Personalities You Need for Your Team

Personality determines your position on a team and, since there are a lot of different roles, there should be different characters as well. Having a balance of different personalities will create a more cohesive team that is ultimately more successful. 

Results-oriented people are naturally organized, self-starters. These individuals are energetic and will likely take charge of a project, ensuring every team member is focused on the common goal.  

Relationship focused team members are attuned to the feelings of others in the group and want to create personal relationships within the team. These individuals are often diplomatic yet approachable and will help address emotional strains within the team. 

Rule followers have incredible attention to detail and like to stick to the book. These people are reliable and organized, keeping the team on track. 

Disruptive thinkers crave innovation. They enjoy finding new solutions to old problems and challenging traditional methods. 

Pragmatic individuals are the most prudent and emotionally stable members of a team. They are good at keeping teams focused but may resist change. 

While these types of individuals can sometimes clash, it is imperative each is represented on the team. Having a balance of personalities results in better communication, new ideas and a higher level of performance. 

What is a good team?

With the right combination of personalities, you can create a strong team with the essential traits of a good team dynamic:

Appreciation: Team members have to respect each other and the common goal. Recognizing each other’s strengths and reveling in each member’s successes helps everyone feel they really belong. This appreciation goes a long way in keeping team morale strong. 

Purpose: Every team has a goal and every member serves a role in accomplishing that goal. Strong teams recognize how each member plays into that end goal.

Respect: While having different personalities on a team leads to greater success, sometimes emotions run high and personalities can clash. Good teams must create ways to tackle disagreement in a respectful way.

Dependability: Team members need to be able to rely on each other. It can be distracting for other members when one isn’t pulling their weight. Unfulfilled responsibilities can put the entire team behind schedule and result in unnecessary conflict. 

Teams with these traits are happier and, therefore, achieve more. 

Effective insurance teams aren’t just technically successful, but also have complementing personalities and a strong team dynamic. When hiring individuals to join your team, it’s important to consider more than just experience and competence. The James Allen Companies specializes in finding candidates with personalities to complement your culture and a track record of being successful team members. If you’re interested in developing your team, contact The James Allen Companies today. 

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